Daily Leadership Coaching... because you can't change anything by talking about it once a week.


You are a leader who is brilliant, you get things done,
you want to become a better leader, and you are already too busy.

No one will tell you what you need to do to become an even better leader. Everyone loves your work and your intelligence and other than mentioning that sometimes you can be a little too blunt you rarely heard complaints. Well, there was that one guy who called you a task-master. Or the group you overheard in the break room saying that you, "only care about the numbers." But you secretly feel like all three of those things are COMPLIMENTS and seriously, how do you FIX blunt? A friend recommended hiring a coach and you did.

But coaching takes time especially when you cannot quite put your finger on why exactly you need coaching. At times you get a sense that your message is not being heard in the way you intend. You talk to your coach every week or two and at times you make progress and other times your momentum gets lost. You spend the first part of each call reviewing things you intended to accomplish -- many of which got accomplished while other things were re-prioritized each day with the best of intentions.

There is much more to leadership
than managing people and your daily priorities.

You've gone to leadership development workshops. Often you listen thinking, "Yes, I do that. I do that, too!" Still, you are a life-long learner and you get a ton of great ideas and come back planning to use them all. Maybe team members notice a difference and you are encouraged! You are making progress! Within a few days you've forgotten more than you remember from the class. You hear a comment about you, "Being back to your old self," and you are equal parts sad (you tried!) and also offended (why do YOU have to change?).

Looking back over the materials from the workshop you can remember all of the things you were going to do differently but you are not sure why. What was wrong with the way you were doing things before? You were getting things done! Then you get another email from your boss about an exit interview or an employee complaint... You can't help but wonder 'how does my team not know how much I care about each of them, the success of the team, the organization?' Somehow your intense focus on results creates this image of not caring... Your head says maybe leadership is not your thing. You were NEVER accused of not caring as an individual contributor.

Your job as a leader is not to get things done;
your job is to develop and inspire people to get things done.

The key to leadership is making the transition from a mindset of getting things done to developing and inspiring people. In almost every situation, it is faster this time to do something yourself rather than teach someone else. But most of the somethings you do happen more than once which means it is worth the time investment to develop your team. Inspiring your team can be an even bigger challenge if you are someone who is inspired by a job well done.

If you can learn to surround yourself with the smartest people, communicate with them in a style that works for them, actively listen, and proactively ask questions you are on your way to leadership excellence. Chances are you are already doing a lot of these things! But if you have a sense that you can be an even better leader -- it may be that you don't know what you don't know about your leadership, communication style, team dynamics, and perceptions. There is no workshop in existence that can teach you all of that at once AND sustain those changes in your behavior through daily analysis.

Working with a leadership coach can help you:

  • Build relationships so that others want to be part of your success.
  • Get things done and create an environment of high performers on your team.
  • Communicate with compassion and confidence so that others are able to understand both your message and intent.
  • Create accountability within yourself and among the members of your team.

I’ve helped many leaders like you easily build their leadership platform, attain stretch goals, and move forward into fulfilling careers. But you should know that this is a process and it takes time and commitment. 

What gets measured gets managed

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